CISO Public Sector Summit | Dec 10, 2019 | Convene - 600 14th Street NW - Washington, DC, USA



Can U Stix-Shift? The Open Cybersecurity Alliance and Securing the Cloud

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

IBM and Symantec joined forces with 16 other leading cyberscurity vendors to launch the Open Cybersecurity Alliance on October 8 under the OASIS umbrella. The OCA's goal is to promote an open cybersecurity ecosystem and interoperability between tools via commonly developed code and tooling, using mutually agreed-upon technologies, standards and procedures. The focus of the OCA project is data interchange within cybersecurity operations over the threat management life cycle, including threat hunting and detection, analytics, operations and response. 

To this end, IBM contributed the STIX Shifter project to federate security data from disparate sources and tools. STIX Shifter is at the heart of the new IBM Cloud Pak for Security - providing SOC teams the ability to pull insights from their disparate SIEM, EDR, Data Protection and Threat Intel tools into a single platform - while leaving the data where it resides. 

How does STIX Shifter work and how can it help you protect your company's hybrid multicloud architecture? What other innovations will come from the OCA members? Find out by attending our keynote.

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